Angela Rockwood As An Innovator

Innovators push the boundaries of the known world and in a general sense, introduce something new into reality: making changes for the better of what was established before.

I embrace myself as a change agent who is passionately relentless in making things manifest and bringing ideas to execution for the good of mankind. I am a vessel that is inspired by my grand purpose of why I am here on this earth and when I am moved by extraordinary projects that are dear to my heart, all my thoughts shatter their bonds, my mind transcends seeing no limitations, and my consciousness stretches effortlessly connecting in every direction to facilitate my visions of what I desire.

I am a woman of my word.

In many ways, innovation is key to your success no matter what your passion is. The minute you stop innovating is the minute you become mediocre and stagnate within your spirit. Truly come ALIVE, live in the moment, and release the dormant forces, extraordinary capabilities, and talents that reside in you to later discover yourself to be a powerful person by far than you have ever imagined yourself to be.

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