Chairlies Angels

The women you see here are ‘’MY ANGELS’’ and with a sudden twist of fate we found each other.

Some folks may know them as the ‘’PUSH GIRLS’’ from the Sundance Channel.

~Chairlie’s AngeLs (”Angela’s AngeLs”) is comprised of a passionate team of women warriors who have faced one of life’s many challenges some being near-death experiences that have placed them in wheelchairs but regardless they have picked up their lives and continue to push forward positively balanced within their mind, body, and driven souls.

~ Each ”AngeL” of the Chairlie’s AngeLs team has their own unique testimony to share with the world and regardless of color, race, or occupation, one thing is definite between each of us…OUR SPIRIT.

A spirit that allows us to create clarity, healing, and balance for ourselves in which we have learned to embrace the beauty in everything and take life to another level gracefully regardless of certain circumstances and to not lose ourselves completely but to remind others that with an indomitable warrior spirit we can always step out of something ordinary into something extraordinary within this wondrous thing called LIFE.

“What is Life?”

Life is Love. Enjoy it. Life is Beauty. Praise it. Life is Spirit. Realise it. Life is Song. Sing it. Life is a Mystery. Unfold it. Life is a Challenge. Meet it. Life is a Goal. Achieve it. Life is an Adventure. Dare it. Life is a Sorrow. Overcome it. Life is a Tragedy. Face it. Life is a Game. Play it. Life is a Duty. Perform it. Life is an Opportunity. Take it. Life is a Struggle. Fight it. Life is a Journey. Complete it. Life is a Puzzle. Solve it. Life is a Promise.
Fulfil it.

It is my mission to continue to share our union of strength in the most profound and connected way possible that will strike a chord within others that will resonate, remind, and rekindle the human spirit beyond tomorrow.

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

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