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There are a few reasons why I choose to be an ambassador for the Reeve Foundation. I’ve always believed that  “Gods gift to you is life and what you do with your life is your gift back to God.”

Ever since the beginning of my injury when I awoke in the hospital bed, I felt it was for a reason. Even though I was paralyzed from the neck down without sensation and any movement, I still had two things left, my spirit and my voice. I immediately felt I was about to embark on this journey that was going to test my will and soul like no other but yet it was going to be an opportunity for me to turn a catastrophic situation into something positive and to become an advocate for others in the same predicament. I believe that we all live life to learn from each other’s experience and lessons. If you can reach out to another individual in need, even if its just one person, to shed some light, love, or support. . .you are giving the most rarest gifts of all.

Through the years of living with paralysis ive been blessed on a journey where I have met many individuals who have embraced their paralysis in the best way they can but for some it’s not always the easiest of task. I’ve seen women in the same situation lose themselves, whether it is their self-esteem or simply their spirit.  Finding oneself during a time of difficulty is not always easy, especially when you have no support, courage, motivation, hope, or even the will to live life.

The Reeve Foundation has been a very powerful tool for those who have faced this obstacle. When the Reeve Foundation approached my ex husband and I to help assist in their Minority Outreach Campaign, it was something we definitely wanted to be a part of due to the fact it was very close to home. Being an Asian American woman living with a S.C.I., I’m very familiar with the older Asian generations fear based mentality towards disability due to ignorance. My goal is to shatter those false perceptions and ideas that the older Asian generations have. I want to educate through inspiration and knowledge that life truly does continue to go on regardless of any disability.

As the old saying goes…”Actions Speak Louder Than Words”. This would be the perfect time to communicate ever so clearly with actions rather than trying to speak with words as an Ambassador for the Dana & Christopher Reeve Foundation.

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