Global Mobility

I am proud to announce the launch of global mobility, founded by my wonderful friend David l. Richard, chairman Drew J. Plotkin, and treasurer Sam Maddox.

Global Mobility is a humanitarian organization providing mobility, education, and advocacy to children and adults with disabilities throughout the world.

“Your gift is life & what you do with your life is your gift back’’…the beauty of being a human being is you have a choice. a choice to live your life to the fullest, a choice to be positive regardless of any predicament, a choice to lend a hand, a choice to be a beacon for someone in the dark, & the choice to unite with a powerful force to bring positive changes that can benefit the well being of others.’’ ♥

Make a difference in someone’s life through your own experiences and make a change within yourself that will last beyond tomorrow.

I’m honored to share that im a part of this wonderful organization…Truly honored.

Stay tuned…

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