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The accidental entrepreneur

At the budding age of six I had a knack of being an innovator because I’d take aluminum foil, decorative paper and glue to make special packages for cookies and goodies to be handed out in the school. I knew my artistic style and ‘’signature’’ designs would leave a lasting impression and easily annihilate the ordinary cookie box. The one quality I remember possessing since my toddler years was this ‘’observant disposition’’, where I would visually examine everything, dissect it and manifest it mentally in other positive forms. Growing up I was surrounded by strong role models; a strict military business minded father, a step grandfather who was a devoted illustrator for the Bible, a step mom who worked diligently at whatever she put her heart into and a meticulous grandmother who never took no for an answer. The early ages of my life I was taught you had to work hard for what you wanted and if the energy was executed, the rewards were ten folds. My parents never handed me anything and it taught me to be self-sufficient, become a rebellious overachiever and respect finances and the freedom it blessed upon individuals who yearned for bigger things. At thirteen I worked as a bagger in the commissary saving up all of my tips for more gifts to give. My senior year I worked at McDonalds to save up for a ticket from Florida to Hawaii to pursue my destiny.

With a one-way ticket to paradise, seventeen, a plan of action and the tenacious attitude to follow through, this is where my journey began.

Living in Hawaii, hosting, cocktailing, modeling and attending a school, called JRP is where I gained more knowledge that YOU are your OWN enterprise. Later I was introduced to a billionaire who recommended two books, together they transformed and confirmed my way of thinking, “The Power of the Subconscious Mind’’ and “Think and Grow Rich’’. Every successful boss, friend, teacher, master, and guru that was placed in my life I took from their essence and I applied it to my own endeavors.

Excelling in business adventures with passion became effortless for me, because I was learning from great business owners who I worked for on the side while I was pursuing to build my own life’s dream.

Between the ages of sixteen to twenty six and living in nine different locations in the world, my business gurus included a restaurant owner in Hawaii, Supper club extraordinaire in N.Y., a professional photographer from PA., Corporate Gym Manager in TX., Nightclub owner in S.F., Martial artist gym owner in SJ, Ca., a professional football player in S.F., a well-known director in L.A., famous actor from MO., two successful fashion designers from BH, Ca., and the list can go on.

I willing learned the first responsibility of a leader is to define your reality. You take the tools you already have and if you don’t have much, you will gain unexpectedly what you need as you go forward in your endeavors. The last responsibility is to always be grateful. To say thank you to every trial and error, lesson, blessing and synchronicities. In between everything, the leader is a warrior paying close attention to all the signs while truly following his path with laser like persistence and never accepting defeat.

Today with my gypsy queen background, the blessing that was granted upon me to learn from business leaders from all over the world, being born with a sponge like mind that absorbs everything, and having the thirst to evolve successfully I have learned being exceptional in business is one of the most remarkable kind of art. Making money is art and working is also an art but when aligned with true passion your business can effortlessly become a masterpiece.

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