“Manifest Your Reality’’ (Intensive 4 Week Workshop)

“What is manifesting?”


Research is finding a connection between the power of the mind and what happens in our life.

Why is the placebo effect so powerful in healing?

Why are goals and dreams so important to focus on?

What part do our thoughts play in what happens in our daily lives?

“Manifest your Reality” is not an ordinary speaking engagement but a powerful workshop that will transform your life. I share my life’s journey with “the art of manifesting” since I was six years of age to now, giving the tools that will immediately shift fears to focused goals, learning the 3 major steps to attaining anything you desire in your life no matter what it may be, and making a POSITIVE change that will last beyond tomorrow for yourself.

My “Intensive 4 Week Workshop” is a more detailed and insightful workshop full of more tools to clearly manifest what you desire, executing techniques on releasing the fears that paralyze you from attaining or even attempting the steps towards your dreams, learning to GIVE POWER to your creations, how to become more positive in your daily life, and understanding why vision boards are extremely important in the process of ‘’manifesting’’.

Please click on “INSPIRE (HIRE)” and contact me to begin your journey unlocking all the possibilities (power) that lie within you to manifest all that you desire in your life with my ‘’Manifest Your Reality’’ Workshop!

Manifest Your Reality Workshop

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