Push Girls

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive.”
Anais Nin


This resonates with such beauty and perfectly depicts my journey to the manifestation of “Push Girls”. During the most catastrophic events of our lives we may sometimes forget that in the darkest or toughest moments is when you are forced to go to a place deep within and find a source, an essence that will not discourage but rouse your will to fight the most difficult battles or lessons, it is in those intimate hours we are enlightened and awakened from within, realizing how powerful we truly are as human beings.

On my journey of paralysis, I was blessed to meet so many individuals from all walks of life who were dealing with their own life lessons whether it was dealing with weight loss, a difficult relationship, losing a breast to cancer, surviving A.I.D.S, chronic pain, and even or mostly paralysis. I found, especially in women that a “light” would dim from inside and these individuals would “lose” themselves during their “lessons” wanting to give up on hope instead of embracing and harnessing the strength that resides within, allowing them to effortlessly pull through any situation and remembering who they are.

People dealing with paralysis don’t always handle it well and get lost in the past of “what if’s” and “remember when” as oppose to being in the present, the “NOW” and embracing the “gift of life.”
When I met Auti Angel it was three days after I had arrived in the rehab facility of Rancho Los Amigos. We connected instantly and were of kindred spirits, instantly our encounter left a lasting impression. I lost contact with her for three years.

For three years, I went down my own path studying and dissecting the human will and all of its remarkable facets.
When I reunited with Auti Angel, I expressed passionately how important it was to go out and “remind” others about living to the fullest no matter what life hands you and women dealing with paralysis needed to embrace all of their “Goddess” qualities and reclaim their vessels as women.
My mission, my vision was about “mind, body, and spirit” and not just the ‘’outer shell’’ but also the “beauty from within” each and every person dealing with a catastrophic event.

One year later, I met Mia at my house during an acting class I was hosting. Mia had that goddess quality and poise I speak about. She and I instantly connected and bonded, speaking about our favorite number 11.
Two years later I met my “Practical Magic” sister Tiphany through a mutual friend Santina, again here at my house. That very night Tiphany had the luck of meeting all the girls the night on the town at the Roxy in Hollywood.

Three years later at a charity event in Beverly Hills, the girls and I all met Chelsie. She was a few months post from her injury but was emanating such joy and gratefulness, Auti was inspired to invite her into her dance troop and later our group.

When asked if we were cast for “PUSH GIRLS”, I guess the casting agent would be “destiny”…wink wink. NO we were not cast. The synchronicities of life, a twist of fate and BAM we found each other on a path sharing a common denominator, NO not our wheelchairs but an indomitable spirit that ‘’pushes’’ through the boundaries of everything in the most positive and profound ways of our hearts and life.

Literally through the ‘’Law of Attraction’’, passion to ‘’fade the ignorance of disability’’, inspiration, and the suggestion of my best friend Geraldine Hernandez stating I need to have a reality show; the desire came true the following day. I received a Facebook message from the executive producer of American Gladiator and Fear Factor Mr. David Hurwitz who wanted to do a show about me and how “I Can’t Sit Still”. David and I met a couple times discussing ideas of my life and later through our progress he introduced me to the lovely Gay Rosenthal of “Little People, Big World”.

Intuitively I knew first hand the show was not to be about me but the message that needed to be relayed to the masses. I shared my passion with Gay and told her about my “girls” and at the time we were called “Chairlies Angels”.

All I can say, is when Gay came to my house to meet my “Angels”, she was able to witness the dynamic energy and understand the message that needed to be shared with the world.

So, I believe this is the part of my story where I tell you we searched high and low, found Sundance Channel, introduced our excellent reel of tragedy and triumph synergized by an unbelievable friendship that is bonded by a common denominator like no other…and the rest is history.

The “Critics Choice Awards” Best Reality Series was created called “Push Girls”.

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