The Beauty from Within

Sunday July 28, 2013 was one of those days, where I woke up and I could “feel” for the first time that sense that I’m burning the candle at both ends (Due to 3 red carpets in a row and two other important engagements early in the morning days before plus 3 hours of sleep 3 nights in a row.) but you are still amped to do things while your body wants another ten minutes in bed.

The alarm went off at 7a.m. I pushed the pillow off my head and stretched out my arms and said, “Thank you for another beautiful day and thank you for allowing me to be Alive…NOW it’s time to do some healing.”

I headed to the LAX Hilton bright and early to meet the contestants of Miss Global. There upon my arrival I was greeted, set up w/ a mic, and then I rolled in to that grand room where a “runway” was waiting for me to “roll” up and do my thang!!!! NO I did not sashayyyyy down that runway like RU-PAUL but I certainly “WORKED” my spirit and shantayeddddddd my Attitude into the life of those beautiful women.


At the end, I felt I won the crown…as nearly 50 young gorgeous ”MISS GLOBAL CONTESTANTS” jumped on the catwalk, circled around me and ALL gave me hugs. What a wonderful feeling to be a vessel and to share my life experience to touch those, THAT one fine day, one of those lovely ladies will change the world as MISS GLOBAL.


Vision is the art of seeing the invisible. Tapping into the depths of another human being and seeing past the appearances of what is on the surface is how we were designed to truly ”see” someone for who they are. Open the windows to your soul and allow your true beauty to illuminate and transcend beyond your physical, so those can feel your light…..Don’t be afraid to SHINE!!!

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